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First, Pussy Bloggers; Now, Pussy Everything…

Mar 26, 2011 5 Comments by

  Gordo once told me : “Salim, I am sure the first thing a foreigner gets as soon as they land at the JKIA is a massive erection.”. “Why?”, I asked. So he continued: “If Kenya had a smell, it would be the smell of fresh fish. If Kenya has a national animal, it would […]

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Cleaning up my closet…

Mar 25, 2011 15 Comments by

I am getting lesser and lesser blogging times, but now that I have a few mins, I will use the chance to get a few things off my masculine chest. Mwalimu Last night I was really appalled and flabbergasted when Mwalimu Churchill left the Stage during the ‘Churchill Recorded’ show just to go and greet […]

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The unassailable panache of ‘the condom principle’

Mar 21, 2011 9 Comments by

My favorite movie niche is the classic save-human-race movies with wizards and arrows and swords e.g. LoTR, Conan, The Littles Hobbit, Dragon Wars etc. That notwithstanding, I am a big fan of extreme-action movies. Especially Scifis. I vividly remember this conversation from the Alien vs Predator [Whoever wins.. we lose] movie [Alexa and Adele are in […]

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My Beef with Kenyan Chics (Some)

Mar 18, 2011 16 Comments

Well, we live in a society where multiple personalities is the order (or disorder) of the day. Everyone is unique, special and here for a purpose; just like everyone else. But some few habits I have noticed are very annoying (degree varying in intent, situation and previous perception of the person). The following are my […]

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