Introducing: The I.S.I.O.LO. *iCluster_

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Divide and Conquer

Ohh, what a beautiful day for science. Makes a brother get all taxonomic.

Kingdom: Computer science, Phylum: Distributed Power Computing, Class: High-availability and Load-Balanced, Order: IO-Bottlenecks Optimized, Family: Low-cost-high-power, Genus: Parallelized Multi-processing, Species: Simple-Awesome systems.

And that’s, what’s up.

The ISIOLO *iCLuster_ Project

The ISIOLO [Immanently SuperCharged Infinitely Omnipotent Limitless Operationator] *iCluster_ HyperComputer project is now the official December project that I will head. I am finally receiving sponsorship and support. For a true cause.

The ISIOLO iCluster is aimed at being the MOST powerful computer cluster in Kenya, yet, come January 2012. Military-grade performance that will rival the processing power of any system here today.

This is a super-computer cluster that will initially have just 24 slave-nodes and 1 controller head. The machine will have an effective RAM of 96 GB and Effective processor power of 4 * 3.2 Ghz * 24. Yes. That’s right. 307.2 Ghz. The setup will be optimized for speed, responsiveness and load-sharing. We will also completely minimize IO bottlenecks.

Update: The system nodes will have 24*3.0 Ghz Core I7 Processors. Each node will also have a 512 Core GPU making it a super-powerful 12,800 core monster. The setup will have an effective RAM of 192 GB and a master node Ram of 8 GB. Each node will have a 64 GB SSD Scratch-disk and the entire setup will write to a 4 TB Nas drive. Obviously, the system will run on Debian 6.

Why – User-case

The need for the HyperComputer:

  • A Research and training opportunity for SuperComputer enthusiast. Train/Certify people capable of being SREs (Service Reliability Engineers) good enough to work at Google, Yahoo and Facebook.
  • Free and powerful testing and hosting environment for startups to host their iHub-Born / mLab-Born apps and services. 1000 iHub green white members will have hosting space for their apps, 1 GB per person.
  • Power-Computing service for local content processing . Upto 4.7 GB in less than 15 seconds.
  • Host for Community projects from iHub e.g. Traffic Updates service and Local Ushahidi deployment.
  • A host for parallel and resource-hungry applications e.g. weather prediction, draught prediction and real-time information dispatch, e.g. football scores and events.

It will really make me happy to have a barrage of emails from people who genuinely want to take part in this.

Drop me an email : (isioloicluster [ A T ] xema [ D O T ] mobi).

Let us do this and make Kenya/OurSelves proud.

Back to research.


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