2012 – Proving the arm-chair critics wrong

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Kelele tu. Kelele. Ignore the Noise

It is a funny little world that we live in. Funny as f*ck, and sad at the same time.

For every 2 people who tell you ‘keep going’ and ‘never give up’, there are 13 more convincing people that tell you ‘hauwesmek’, ‘you are not good enough’, ‘it is impossible to do it’.

What makes it worse, is that the norm does not change. C and D students still interview, employ and manage A and B+ students.

So systems and policies come with D-level specs and schematics and the A-students are forced to shed-off their awesomeness so as to relate to the low-IQ specs and, soon, unless they get out, they become mediocre laborers.

As if this is not insulting enough to basic human intelligence, we now have C- and D people who have never done ANYTHING worth writing home about or typing online about, stand infront of men and women and DARE to CRITICIZE and JUDGE the independent A-grade hustlers of this small town. Just because they are ‘clever enough’ to open a twitter account and can type a WHOLE 140 characters in 80% correct English.

A month ago, I had a TL issue with Media Madness asking them to name a person who, they said, had DM’ed them stating that Moses Kemibaro was a collasal failure. Now, either I did not understand what failure was, or maybe I am too blinded by code and the DIY code of ethics to know when to stop, but I take anyone who wakes up and goes about their own hustle and is self-employed or self-unemployed more of a success, than a f*cking dispensable employee at ANY company in Kenya, sitting in-front of a company-owned PC and calling the hustlers, losers/failures.

Now, isisemekane Salim sasa ametukana employees. We all cannot be career people. Some of us were created to WORK our entire lives for other people and the VERY thought of quitting and becoming your own bosses is as scary as the offer for free castration. That is what you are. that is why people can afford to be on twitter and FB the whole day, still get paid, but at the back of their mind… when they sleep.. the WHAT IF creeps in. Ukivutwa job itakuwaje?

This year will be quite an interesting year. For me. First off, because I will no longer be a member of the iHub/NaiLab/mLab community. I waited till the last minute to re-apply for iHub Membership, and as Murphy’s law might have it, the connection acted up and my application was ‘never received’. So, my access was rescinded and all my privileges transmogrified. It seems “Made in Jammu” will be what I will slap on the ‘credits’ section of all my apps planned for this year.

Secondly, everything has finally come of age. The tipping point is here. The 10, 000 hours have been worked and toiled. Safaricom finally opened up all our connections. Mpesa, CSP etc. CCK Wame-behave. MCSK ndio hao pia. We finally now are our own. We will no longer need to take odd-jobs to stay afloat. We finally have the green-light to do OUR THING. Our Systems. Our CORE business. Thanks BC, EK, MM, AO and Nzioks.

And so, what needs to be done, you ask.

The list below is my list of my hustlemode modus operandi. It is, in no way, meant to convince or influence what anyone should do for 2012. I am just sharing what my experience has taught me.

IT contests/Developer contests

My personal (As in IddSalim’s only) opinion? Just a waste of time. And this is my opinion. Even my cat has no part in this. Hata sijaconsult my watchman before typing this. I might be wrong, but I see a 2-pronged failure in this setup.

1 – Ni kama KCSE. We used to cram to PASS the exams. Not to UNDERSTAND the contents and get educated. In the developer contents, apps are created to WIN the contest. Not to be sustainable. After the developers win the money, get a few TV interviews and appear on a newspaper or 2, that is it! System kwisha. twendeni Mombasa sasa. Nikiendelea nitaambiwa, ohh, nimetukanana, ohh, sipendani.

2 – The contests are not for the DEVS. The are for the brands.

It is better spending 2 months of your time improving a core product you believe will work and get you traction and coins, than to shoot in the dark for a quickie. That said, IF you have time and the required skillsets, go for it. But never let the fact that you are coding for a contest affact your bottom-line. Sawa?

Grants and Investors

Every year. Same winners. So, why bother? Why try to kiss a lesbian? Again, this is my opinion. Even my cat has no part in this. Hata sijaconsult my watchman before typing this. I might be wrong.

I will not go all gutter-pressy and say that the winners were already pre-determined, but let me say that if you, a USD 200 start-up with a VERY promising app applies for a grant in Kenya, then a Million Dollar company applied, also, THEY will get the funding. Not you. F*ck you and all your bright ideas. Why?

  • People without money cannot be trusted with money.
  • Success is seen to breeds more success.
  • No track-record works against you.

Ironic, isn’t it? You would think these funds were availed to help START-UPS.

Then again, I might be wrong. Na ni Salim amesema. Si wasee wote wa Arsenal.

Wewe unda system yako, isimame poa kama mti (as in tree, acha stori mob) then wasee watakamu na doo. Usisake. Doo ni kama dame. Ukisaka, inaringa na inahepa. Ukiilenga, inajipa.

Doing ‘Your own’ setups

Please don’t do this. You are a start-up, you don’t have all the money in the world. Ama the skillsets. Etc. Partner with solution providers.

  • If you need hosting, don’t buy/setup your own Servers. Get a Safcom Cloud. Usianzishe yako.
  • If your system requires outgoing bulk SMS, open an account at www.tumasms.com. Usianzishe yako.
  • If you need to support Mpesa/CC etc in your App, talk to Moca or PesaPal. Usianzishe yako.
  • If you need to be able to have redundant MySQL/Apache instances, talk to Symbiotic. Usianzishe yako.

Vitu simple-simple, na we will make 2012 the stress-free year that we all finally achieve unprecedented mkwanjalization. Na hauko employed. Au sio?

Ni hayo tu mayabuz na waroro.

Back to code.



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