The Galaxy S3 as a gaming device #s3Kenya

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A beast of a processor

Games! Ohh games. What would a geek like me do without you. I am not a player. I am a gamer. Kiasi.

Over the last 5 weeks, busy as I was and always am, I have been doing doing gaming on the S3.

I won’t go about how I was one of the many fans of Samsung who LOAO anytime we see someone with an Apple (yikes!!). Apart from Malaria, hubris is the biggest disease in Kenya.

But that is a topic for another day.

Ofcourse, having been used to normal phones like Nokia and having had intermittent access to simple phones like the iPhone 4/4s, I was blown away by the S3.

The S3 has the following features that make it a monster of a device.

  • Incredible battery life, even on continuous use. The S3 battery lasts for 4 days without heavy internet use and lasts way over 2 days on heavy Internet use.
  • The S3 has a 256KiB cache, Mali-400MP GPU which has 4 Cores and supports OpenGles 1.1-2.0 and OpenVG 1.1. Now, this might sound like greek, so let me break it down for you. No Google. Samsung demonstrated that Exynos 4212 (32nm version found in the S3)  can produce 35% to 50% more horsepower than the older Exynos 4210 (45nm version found in the S2). Faster games, better drawing and smoother rendering.
  • Amazing FPS. Heavy games like RipTide, Asphalt 6 are a breeze. AngryBirds is now like Snake. Mordern Combat 3 (the heaviest mobile game) is very smooth, fast and playable with close to no lag.

Stretch your S3 today. Play Grand Theft Auto 3 or Dead Space or N.O.V.A. 3. And you will NOT be un-impressed.

I cannot help, but hope and pray that SamsungKenya can sponsor a one-week gaming hackathon where Kenyans will be trained and challenged to develop games with local themes. I cannot.

Also, iSad because the hustle is intefering with my AngryKenyans code. COAFS. I hear you. COAFS.

Leo situkanani. Kazi mob. Na Arsenal ilishinda.

Back to code.


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