Eye-witness report on the #KOTAgainstMPsBonus demo 1 of 2

Oct 09, 2012 6 Comments by

Not this time, Mr MP. #Nimekataa [photo c/o http://bit.ly/UCGaec]

Sunny. Dusty. Dry. Out-numbered. Risk of tear-gas and police battering. We did not give a fuck.

“No one will listen to this. Whether you protest or not, they will be added the Bonus.”, some male vaginas tweeted. Some bitches too. Only 200 #kot have shown up, out of the 500, 000 #kot retweeting and shouting ‘death to the MPigs!!’. But, we did not give a fuck!

Ohh no! Not this time.

MP Pay – Photo C/o http://bit.ly/R2YoyS

If we never did it, who would? We are in a country of talkers and retweeters. But when it comes to DOING, few actually live up to the tweets. Planners and #teamTunafaaKufanyaX. But when it comes to the DOING, everyone grows a vagina. And it starts kunyesha. Useless cunts! Pathetic.

“But Salim”, you retort, “Not all of us are in Kenya/Nairobi. We could not attend physically.”. I understand. You are forgiven! I respond

“But Salim”, you bleet, “Not all of us are self-unemployed like you. We have jobs to attend.”. SLAVERY!! I respond. Over 80% of the #KOT who showed up were employed. The demo was in town, but there were people from Ngong Road, Westlands, Gigiri. What the FUCK makes you so special. “What happened to taking one hour off? Asking for a short leave for ‘Personal reasons’.”, Njeri Mwangi of @pawa254 asked me.

If you are a #kot, and did not attend the peaceful protest march today; ‘PEACEFUL’,  when you go home tonight, look your kids in the eyes and tell them that ‘Daddy is a pussy. He betrayed his country today.’. What future are you working/planning for, whence it might not be there at this rate?

From Hilton, the #200StrongKot marched to the parliament and blocked the entrance. Peacefully lying on the road. Hampiti leo. It was a good time as all the #Mpigs had just finished their heavy tax-payers’ breakfast and were belching on the way to our (tax-payers) cars. But when shiite hit the fan, and they were ASSURED that #KOT were not leaving, the shameless dis-honorouble MPs panicked.

‘Sensing danger’ some left the parliament building via SNEAKING inside their car from the boot. What a SHAME! It was a sorry sight. Are these the people who are meant to make decisions for our country? People who cannot face an issue and become cowards at the slightest provocation?

I will not say alot today.


And the new constitution allows me to vent.

Now, if you missed the #KOTAgainstMPsBonus demo, we have agreed to give you a second chance. Saturday 10am. Same spot. Hilton Bata. We march to the Parliament. Come one. Come all! Bring your kids and Chips.



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