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The sad state of the cluster – project on hold

Feb 07, 2013 19 Comments by

And so the blog post came. The iHub cluster is alive. She purrs. We are going to do great things with the awesome power of the nodes. It was meant to be, initially, a research project that would, eventually have a self-sustenance model. And the revenue potential for the cluster was immense. Given time and […]

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Demystifying the @ihubCluster for the average Wangechi, Waititu, Alai and Mama Mboga minds

Jan 22, 2013 8 Comments by

And so you have heard. The iHub Cluster is live. She purrs and we haven’t even started nuthin yet. I can add. But what does “cluster” even mean? What does it do? Will it make Burritos? How does it help the common Mwananchi? Questions!! So, this blog post is inspired by the classic and legendary […]

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The ‘ThirdWorld’ fallacy is only in YOUR mind

Sep 09, 2011 9 Comments by

God! I hate sleep. Sleep must be from from Satan. I look at my rolex and the time is right. It is 2011 in Kenya. 1981 in Uganda and 2013 in the US. Yes, biatch! We are catching up in a year or 2. Who in their right mind would want to sleep, while there […]

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Why and How Shimba won Pivot25

Jun 17, 2011 12 Comments

Ok. Normally I would not do this. Ati Explain a victory, or why a Benz is better than a Vitz, etc. But behind every successful man are 5 others who wish they were him, and 17 biatches who want to xuk hiz dzik. A wise man changes his mind. A fool keeps on digging even […]

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