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3 reasons why Silicon Semenya (Kenya) will NEVER match Silicon Valley (US)

Jul 08, 2013 27 Comments by

It is ok. Really. It is. We will all be fine. Ofcourse, ‘fine’, in this case means being able to afford rent, fuel your car, buy a few drinks at some lounge and buy a new phone every ┬ámonth or so. We are fine. But when the meaning of ‘fine’ changes to being “world-beaters”, being […]

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What’s wrong with being employed?

Jun 25, 2013 2 Comments by

This is a question that I was asked by Bwana RT, the one and only @roomthinker , after I tweeted : “For everyone developing m-Vitus (as the armchair employed naysayers call them), keep up. Never ever give up your dream #pivoteast @PivotEast” I tweeted that, then took a 4-hour code-hibernation. Did some code and then […]

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The inspiration that is @MikeMachariaSST of @sevenseastech

Jun 08, 2013 1 Comment by

As you all know, I have lost complete faith in all these ICT incubation and initiatives. Nowadays, I get more enlightenment watching a banana ripen than go to launches, events and lectures. So, it took some self-convincing to go attend the #SSTCampusLaunch. Also, a kind email from Bwana Mike┬ádemanding my attendance was golden.   Ofcourse, […]

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The Belittlers Conundrum – The search for the ‘Silicon Semenya’

Apr 11, 2013 7 Comments

Ok, a disclaimer/warning as always. This is another one of my hard-hitting posts. Yeah. Like I have any boot-licking pussy posts up in this mofo? Not a “feel-good” blog post about how far we have come and how “good things will be in 3 years”. If you do not want to ruin your day with […]

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