Of MShwari RA and the @kingofbold #pilsner Pool tournament

May 08, 2013 4 Comments by

Do you want to take a M-Shwari loan and then not pay? Lol! Me too!! So, I asked myself, “How about I take an M-Shwari loan. I refuse to pay, despite the fact that I have the scrilla. What will they do.”. I decided to take a M-Shwari loan. KSHS 2k. Just to see how […]

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The Belittlers Conundrum – The search for the ‘Silicon Semenya’

Apr 11, 2013 7 Comments by

Ok, a disclaimer/warning as always. This is another one of my hard-hitting posts. Yeah. Like I have any boot-licking pussy posts up in this mofo? Not a “feel-good” blog post about how far we have come and how “good things will be in 3 years”. If you do not want to ruin your day with […]

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Explaining the IEBC misnomer to my cat and a 2yr old

Mar 17, 2013 34 Comments by

IEBC this. IEBC that. let us put some things into perspective. In my article in the #140Friday blog, I talked about a few issues in the government systems. I have delayed this blog post to today, from the promised 7th of March, after I was released from prison in the 5th of March. I have […]

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My 2 months as the ‘Safaricom Head of Innovations’

Feb 12, 2013 25 Comments

310pm. It was a warm Thursday afternoon that I decided to shut down Faustina (My Samsung Ultrabook). I had been coding for over 4 hours straight. The much anticipated AngryKenyans game was coming up OK. But the perfectionist in me kept on delaying any tweets or releases about the game. I did not like the […]

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