Why is Synovate lying again to us with their guessed statistics?

Feb 13, 2010 1 Comment by

Well, someone once told me : “There is no group of people easier to lie to, than Kenyans”. I agreed. Especially the Kenyan non-gay male. So, for the last 8 years or so, I have been reading reports from steadman on how many people like raila on mondays and how many like kibaki on fridays […]

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Symbiotic To Adopt Kohana, Start Symbian and Blackberry programming

Jan 20, 2010 No Comments by

Our recruitment process went well. We interviewed over 30 bright and very talented young coders from all walks of life. Some came in suits, some came cycling. I was pleasantly suprises on how the education quality has improved at UoN and Strath. Kudos to the IT departments! So, after all was coded and debugged, we […]

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2010 – The year of the hack [Pt 1]

Jan 06, 2010 11 Comments by

In 2006 As hackers in Kenya, we have/are always been taken as fact-less doomsayers and merchants of fear about an IT apocalypse. I remember in 2006, From a 32Kbps line in my bedroom in Kampala, I Hacked into a top Nairobi Stock brokerage firm registered with the CMA/NSE and downloaded their Entire Database of Investing […]

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African e-Commerce – Will PayPal smell the coffee and come to the rescue?

Jan 06, 2010 2 Comments

In a previous Post, I talked about how Google could use GoogleCheckOut to monetize Africa and do a 2-fold win-win move: Help Millions if Africans access e-Commerce and sell to the world, as opposed to locally. Enable Google take a big chuck of the millions of USDs sent from US/Europe back home to Africa. I […]

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