My resolutions for 2010

Jan 04, 2010 4 Comments by

My 5 year old daughter, Nuria, came to my coderoom, on the morning of Jan 1, as I was debugging the jQuery bits of the Hot96 Fm Website that Mbugua decided I should do personally. She said, ‘Happy New Year Daddy!’…. Hmmn, I look at her suggestive smile deciphered the stenography on it. I remembered, […]

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And so, today, yet again, I will postpone my success…

Dec 21, 2009 2 Comments by

This poem is about the unending trials and tribulations of a Kenyan Coder. Monday: Wake up at 5am all psyched up and ready to start this new lucrative project, Turn on the PC and fire up netbeans and start apache, glassfish and googletalk, A mail pops up and a client is calling me for a […]

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A day with DjCK

Dec 17, 2009 2 Comments by

As an entrepreneur, when such a figure avails 5 minutes to meet you, you are always advised to have all your selling points at your tongue-tips. You may never get the chance again. CK gave us 3 hours top pitch, and ohhh, pitch we did!

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My Warid Uganda Experience

Dec 09, 2009 1 Comment

Even as we approach 2010, Mobile Service Providers are fighting the voice and SMS battle. This, ofcourse wins over some promiscuous customers who hold more than one line at a time, but in the long run, the primary sim card war is WON by the holistic provider. Sadly, In Uganda, there is NONE!

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