A complete Idiot’s guide on Making Money in Kenya using Premium SMS

Nov 30, 2009 36 Comments by

Alot of times, I have been stopped on the streets [on my way to Laico for lunch] by many a coders with the same question. ‘Salim, I want to make money using SMS shortcodes and tun my own campaign ya kulipua mabilioni kama ile ya Safaricon. Nidosike kama Sebi na ninunue Kompressor sita za pink.’ […]

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The excruciating pain of being a Kenyan Coder [Pt 2]

Nov 13, 2009 10 Comments by

<< Part 1 Here Along came Safaricon Those guys from henga (Wahenga) once said ‘Mtegemea Nundu Haachi kunona’. That is normally the truth because as we see it all over, then BIG companies are always helping out the small ones, even if via mergers and acquisitions, for the good of everyone. Google just bought AdMob […]

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The excruciating pain of being a Kenyan Coder [Pt 1]

Nov 09, 2009 4 Comments by

Part 2 Here >> It is 3am, and am yet to sleep because code has to be done. My coffee is getting cold and so is the night. Then comes the Email from Timo. “The CDSC want a software very similar to Esplanade. The tender was in the newspaper so this seems a fair thing […]

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Zunguka to Ditch Apache Web Server

Nov 06, 2009 1 Comment

Starting December 2009, Zunguka, Tarazaki, TumaSMS, PashaHabari, Citizen Tv and all websites under the Symbiotic stable will switch from the Combo of Apache and Lighttpd proxy to a single solid setup of Nginx. No service downtimes are expected and the only thing that will change is speeds and death to the bloated experience. One process […]

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