2011, the beginning… Lessons from 2010

Dec 16, 2010 6 Comments by

I will keep this short and simple. Some people, as always, will get annoyed. Some people will feel that IddSalim is attacking them (the blog, not the person). Some people will say, ‘Go Salim! Tell dem! Say what we would love to say but are too scared to say’. 2010 has been a testing year. […]

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My resolutions for 2010

Jan 04, 2010 4 Comments by

My 5 year old daughter, Nuria, came to my coderoom, on the morning of Jan 1, as I was debugging the jQuery bits of the Hot96 Fm Website that Mbugua decided I should do personally. She said, ‘Happy New Year Daddy!’…. Hmmn, I look at her suggestive smile deciphered the stenography on it. I remembered, […]

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