Keyword: Persistence – Finally, Uhuru day…

Jun 11, 2011 12 Comments by

Word of the day: ‘Persistence‘. And you will eventually get there. One thing will eventually lead to another. I got the right model to talk to a BIG corporate without seaming weak and needy, while AT THE SAME TIME, not insulting people and seeming confrontational, from Books like The 33 Strategies of War, The 48 […]

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BitMagic Releases OpenSource Mpesa PayBill API

May 21, 2011 21 Comments by

I was discussing with some Banking Jamaas on the money-cycle. Take for example, I want to pay fees via my mobile phone. Currently, I need to get money from Bank-to-mPesa (KSHS 60 charge, 45 to 78 Mins if using NIC Bank), Mpesa-to-the-school-Paybill (Kshs 30 Charge), then it is paid. Simple. But what if we eliminated […]

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Ohh Happy day, Ohhh API day!!

Jul 20, 2010 19 Comments by

Great day today for Kenyan coders. Ok, let us say, EastAfrican Community coders, for political correctness. I don’t even know how to break this news, so I will just do it my plain no-beating-around-her-bushes method. No, the Octopus has not predicted that Safaricom, MTN and Zain will start supporting local innovations. No. The octopus would […]

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