Ohh!! What a good day! Thank you Man Utd!

Aug 28, 2011 8 Comments by

What a game! Welbeck scored against a top-4 team for once. Park and Rooney did the usual. Scoring against Arsenal for Kicks. The last time Arsenal Conceded 8 goals was against Loughborough 115 years ago The result… well, nothing to write home about, really. Man U team A beating Arsenal team C, at Old Trafford […]

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Life lessons from the Nasri, Cesc Saga

Aug 12, 2011 3 Comments by

Finally. If all the ‘credible’ news sources are to be believed, these two are finally leaving Arsenal today. Nasri will be sold to Man City and Fabregas will finally be allowed to get re-united with his bromancers at Barca. Both within the next 48 hours. Arsenal Fans are split on this. Nasri was ‘good’ last […]

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