The thing about ‘kukaa na wasee hawanaga doo’

Feb 17, 2012 5 Comments by

Ok. Relax bana. Soma blog post yote kwanza. Ni nini? Unasoma tu title na ushaget ¬†feelings na attitude about what this post is about. So, acha tu niseme nimemeet wasee aina mob ikifika stori ya doo. Kuna wasee wana doo, wasee wanadhani wana doo, wasee wana soo utadhani wana ngiri soo, wasee wana ngiri soo […]

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The 6 things coders need to say NO to

Jan 31, 2012 9 Comments by

Well, as always, I speak about my life here. My experiences. My lessons. My big losses. My small victories. My unrelenting spirit. Kuitwa guru na maboyz. The zeal. the Zest. Kuwa impressed. Kuwa humbled. Kuwa inspired. Falling down. Dusting myself and asking life, “Is that the BEST you’ve got?”. Kuitwa daddy na madem. Kuchapwa kiboko […]

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The annoying “Even Google and Facebook were started in a Dorm Room” fallacy.

Jun 20, 2011 26 Comments by

Ask any rich man how they got their loot and the response will always be something close to : “Ahh. It was not very hard. I used to sell charcoal, then God blessed me and the rest is history.” Ask any pool master how they pot the balls so easily. 7-Ballers to anyone who dares […]

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Ok, so you have an App; That don’t impress me much

May 30, 2011 43 Comments

It is a long, tedious and demanding procedure to create a product. An App. A problem solver. Your idea finally converted to bug-less code. It compiles and runs like a hawker from Kanjo. It connects to the server 99.5% of the times of asking and always purrs. People are talking about it. 2, 000 downloads […]

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