The forced reboot, The ISIOLO project and the very fast bicycle

May 21, 2012 19 Comments by

And so, cameth the timeth. And cometh the time, cometh the man. [fast bicycle story deleted by language editor] I have dropped out of 2 dear engagements in the last 10 days. First of all, I painfully, and with alot of grief in my heart, withdrew my AngryKenyans game from the PivotEast. This was to […]

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Of the oppressors, the oppressed and the free

Feb 09, 2011 10 Comments by

Well, it is a sunny day! So I think I am going to blog about something cool. Yesterday, I met some guys who know someone who knows someone who was not impressed about what I had blogged about Safaricom in this blog. These guys were old boys from Stach. They shared some stuff with me. […]

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The difference between a mere programmer and a coder

Nov 09, 2010 41 Comments by

Leo I am on a positive note. Bwana Too and Don will be happy clients by the end of the day. Systems sasa zitaisha. I am cleaning my table and wiping my plates for the BIG meal about to be served. Cometh my dis on programmers and kudos on the coders (the real coders),  then […]

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My Interview with Google

Aug 14, 2010 9 Comments

Well, blame my exclusive ownage of the words ‘idd salim‘ on google, my rich CV and list of systems done and out there, or just plainly the references I have, but a week after my 28th Birthday, google came calling… Their main point of reference was my Xing Profile. Alot of my facebook, gmail, symbiotic, […]

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