The worm, the 3 mice and the rich Kenyan coder

Feb 02, 2012 7 Comments by

Oh, pulchritude! Oh, pulchritude!¬†Ohh, how thou possesseth nothing more that just sheer cutaneous profundity. Ohh, how thy perception and effect withers when the rubber meets the road. Ok. Ok. Sawa. Ehh! sitatumia ‘Oh’ ingine basi. Naweza fanya maboyz fulani waanze kufikiria sabuni na kufeel homesick. Tena naweza tumia another brobdingnagian¬†word ilete noma. Ohh, anajiringa juu […]

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The 6 things coders need to say NO to

Jan 31, 2012 9 Comments by

Well, as always, I speak about my life here. My experiences. My lessons. My big losses. My small victories. My unrelenting spirit. Kuitwa guru na maboyz. The zeal. the Zest. Kuwa impressed. Kuwa humbled. Kuwa inspired. Falling down. Dusting myself and asking life, “Is that the BEST you’ve got?”. Kuitwa daddy na madem. Kuchapwa kiboko […]

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The 5 types of people all CODERS should avoid

Dec 02, 2011 19 Comments by

In my life and times in the Kenyan TechScene (real, tech, not tekemangumi), I have met all kinds of people. All types of naysayers and arm-chair critics. All kinds of cooks and watchmen who think they can speak intelligently about computer network security just because they have 5-year experience in handling the server room Solex […]

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The launch-early, fail-early mantra

Nov 25, 2011 6 Comments

A few weeks ago, I talked about the high standards and expectations we give ourselves and allow society to give us. The system of rewarding success and punishing failure irrespective of factors. Where the end justifies the means and the means are never allowed to justify the end. Well, Let me begin by telling a […]

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