The ‘ThirdWorld’ fallacy is only in YOUR mind

Sep 09, 2011 9 Comments by

God! I hate sleep. Sleep must be from from Satan. I look at my rolex and the time is right. It is 2011 in Kenya. 1981 in Uganda and 2013 in the US. Yes, biatch! We are catching up in a year or 2. Who in their right mind would want to sleep, while there […]

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The potential of local brain-drain

Aug 23, 2011 6 Comments by

I have just finished the sad story of Spotify and it nearly made me spitify on my keyboard. In the US, a lazy bum can just register a patent and sit there for years waiting for someone to ACTUALLY invent something related to the patent and the SUE them and live happily and rich ever-after. […]

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Why I have settled for CodeIgniter

Aug 08, 2011 20 Comments by

They all come in different shapes, sizes and color. Anything really. Cars, pens, niniis and kereas. The PHP frameworks cannot be left behind. I have tried all with some various degrees of success. I nearly gave up searching and learning and decided to design my own Framework doing all the common things I do in […]

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That Man-United Factor

May 08, 2011 7 Comments

Sad. Really. The harsh realities of life. But we can never run away from them. I am one of the most Anti-Man-Urinals person you will ever meet. I hate the gay players they have (Scholes and Neville etc), the fact that they never play African Players (last played was Fortune and Djemba*2 in 2003). Manucho […]

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