The incredulous power of thinking SMALL – The Erection Model

Jan 18, 2011 22 Comments by

Yes. I know. We are always being told. ‘Be all you can become’. ‘The sky is the limit’. ‘You are the only obstacle to what you can become in life.’. ‘Aim at the sun/moon and you might fall among the stars’. Alot of crap. How about we, just for once, look at these concepts from […]

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Facebook crawl pace provides a challenge for Kenyan coders

Dec 17, 2010 7 Comments by

I know. Facebook this, Facebook that. It is not uncommon to hear people in the streets, club or classes blurt, “Everyone if on Facebook. if you ain’t in, you ain’t cool. You are nyumaz like dubbz”. I always retort, “Everyone in your small world, maybe”. Such is the ignorance. “So, Salim”, you ask, “What is […]

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FaceBook fast approaching the plateau phase in Kenya

Aug 18, 2010 15 Comments by

It is sad. Honestly, really sad. I sat with Buju the other day and he asked me : “Salim. Wewe huwezi unda your own Facebook na venye code unaimesea?”. My response is the same respose I once gave DjCK, Okech and Sebi. “Put me in a position that I won’t have to worry about rent […]

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