The worm, the 3 mice and the rich Kenyan coder

Feb 02, 2012 7 Comments by

Oh, pulchritude! Oh, pulchritude!¬†Ohh, how thou possesseth nothing more that just sheer cutaneous profundity. Ohh, how thy perception and effect withers when the rubber meets the road. Ok. Ok. Sawa. Ehh! sitatumia ‘Oh’ ingine basi. Naweza fanya maboyz fulani waanze kufikiria sabuni na kufeel homesick. Tena naweza tumia another brobdingnagian¬†word ilete noma. Ohh, anajiringa juu […]

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Feeling betrayed. Totally

Feb 18, 2011 17 Comments by

I was asked a very interesting question last night by a good friend. “Salim. Have you ever thought of being a consultant?”. Then he paused : “I know people who know just 10% of what you know but make upto 600, 000 per month.”. These sentiments echoed what I had heard @owigarj tell @g33kmate and […]

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