Ohh Happy day, Ohhh API day!!

Jul 20, 2010 19 Comments by

Great day today for Kenyan coders. Ok, let us say, EastAfrican Community coders, for political correctness. I don’t even know how to break this news, so I will just do it my plain no-beating-around-her-bushes method. No, the Octopus has not predicted that Safaricom, MTN and Zain will start supporting local innovations. No. The octopus would […]

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My Interesting half-day at Safaricom headquarters, Westlands

Jul 14, 2010 13 Comments by

So, Today at 9:54am, I checked in after a thorough security search for metals and other things like screw drivers, hacksaws and pangas etc; stuff that can be used to HACK servers. (Fck! As I blog here, I remembered just I LEFT MY ID THERE!) So we were welcomed with the usual ‘leteni IDs’ Kenyan […]

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A very secure and workable solution for Google Checkout and Mpesa/Zap

Sep 18, 2009 7 Comments by

Well, we all know that Mpesa is widely used in Kenya, Tanzania and Afghanistan. Zap is available to the 22+ Zain One-Network Countries. We also know that Paypal hates Africa. Lastly, We know that Symbiotic Media Consortium has developed a working Payment Gateway that already links PayPal, Mpesa and Zap. Needless to say, there was […]

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