My 4 cents on this whole Safcom/SST/Cisco/EMC2 Cloud

Oct 27, 2011 4 Comments by

Well, I could easily have had the title of this blog as ‘Safaricom launches Cloud Service’. But that would be an insult to those who know this already and those who know how to use google. More insulted would be the 3000+ people who were at KICC last night. The lack of originality and literary […]

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The Kenyan MobileDev Scramdown : Nokia (J2ME/QT) vs Google (Android)

Jun 16, 2011 17 Comments by

It is an interesting time indeed. Just reached home from Qz in Westlands and it is 2:17 AM. Not an ounce of sleep. An interesting day, it was. Kwanza, Mbugua and Mutinda won (A collabo between Symbiotic and Shimba). Yes. Mezeni wembe. We pocket some USDs. Plus a trip to Silicon Valley. Gunning now to […]

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The incredulous power of thinking SMALL – The Erection Model

Jan 18, 2011 22 Comments by

Yes. I know. We are always being told. ‘Be all you can become’. ‘The sky is the limit’. ‘You are the only obstacle to what you can become in life.’. ‘Aim at the sun/moon and you might fall among the stars’. Alot of crap. How about we, just for once, look at these concepts from […]

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In the quest for a definitive ANY-to-Swahili translator

Oct 22, 2010 9 Comments

I had, have and always will be a big fan of Google. Everything they do is simple, well-thought, optimized, tested and done by the best of the best. So, naturally, I believe I am right beyond any possible reprieve to assume that ANYTHING that beats Google, is what we can call a real programming challenge. […]

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