My Interesting half-day at Safaricom headquarters, Westlands

Jul 14, 2010 13 Comments by

So, Today at 9:54am, I checked in after a thorough security search for metals and other things like screw drivers, hacksaws and pangas etc; stuff that can be used to HACK servers. (Fck! As I blog here, I remembered just I LEFT MY ID THERE!) So we were welcomed with the usual ‘leteni IDs’ Kenyan […]

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2010 – The year of the hack [Pt 1]

Jan 06, 2010 11 Comments by

In 2006 As hackers in Kenya, we have/are always been taken as fact-less doomsayers and merchants of fear about an IT apocalypse. I remember in 2006, From a 32Kbps line in my bedroom in Kampala, I Hacked into a top Nairobi Stock brokerage firm registered with the CMA/NSE and downloaded their Entire Database of Investing […]

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