Introducing the TechMataa Tech Blog

Aug 08, 2011 19 Comments by

A very learned friend of mine, [Name with-held asitukanwe], floated an idea to me last week. “Salim, how about we start an Ideas-Pool of a blog to talk about tech stuff and share our vast knowledge in all tech verticals? Think Servers, Security, Code, BestPractices, HowTos, ZeroDay Stuff, Hacking, Government?”, she said. “Go on.”, I […]

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Happy Birthday iHub

Mar 12, 2011 7 Comments by

Well, what a night yesterday was! I met buggz and the 17 musketeers and it was a night during which my confidence capacity was ameliorated indeed. I met 3 groups of people. The first category was the ‘Salim Keep on what you are doing’ crew. This was a group of IT jamaas who are impressed […]

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