A geek’s analysis of the #Nicole #Muturi BootyCall

Oct 15, 2011 9 Comments by

4 minutes, 35 seconds, 1 phone call, 3 possible sources. Well, I was saddened to hear that gutter-press radio-station Classic FM really milked the whole sexually explicit audio and playing it on LIVE radio, in the MORNING. Just for Kicks. Pathetic. Really. Minor KaGayni (maybe just to confuse his enemies) was all over the clip. […]

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How a twitter account can be ‘Hacked’

Aug 21, 2011 2 Comments by

Well, today morning I woke up to a barrage of ‘Iz How?’ messages from my friends. Rimbui, Msupa, Archer, Zack, Mumbi, Vuyanzi, Lisege etc were all in lamentation. Seems that someone/something had gained access to my Twitter Account in the hours between 6am and 9am and was sending them ‘funny’ links. We are not speaking […]

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The Vitz-Kenyan Ceiling – Finish school, get employed, buy a vitz, Tukanana

Jul 22, 2011 16 Comments by

I was all smiles yesterday when I checked the comments some people had posted on my blog from a certain employee of Temenos [Is that a Dentist Firm?? Sincerely, Sijui]. I was saddened by the fact that someone who can use a computer, in 2011, could reason like theĀ Flintstones. Here I am with a few […]

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The slowly brewing IddSalim vs CS ‘beef’

Jul 21, 2011 28 Comments

Well, we have all seen it. Kenyans love that word. Beef. Greet someone on Twitter and the fail to respond and some loser will post something like ‘#tweef’ or ‘#tweefAlert’. Whistle-blowers for something with no need for an alarm. People so sad, they wish everyone was as sad as them so as to feel important. […]

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