The need for a LEGIT Kenyan Hackers’ Initiative

Jul 20, 2011 12 Comments by

Yes. We all fear to speak about it. At least those of us with no balls. [No offence to my female readers. You have 2 eyeballs.]. But without I have faced a lot of negative bile [double-double for effect] from Paranoid company execs and what we call puSysAdmins [HelloWorld-Solex-Sysadmins who believe in FingerPrint scanners and […]

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WhiteHatted, but Blacklisted

Jun 02, 2011 6 Comments by

It is the Madaraka week in Kenya and after all the ‘potatolization’ I witnessed on Tuesday night, it is back to code. Focused code.I have finished 6 Ovistore apps over the last month. 5 are LIVE and 1 is under review. Pesa kwa wheelbarrow.¬†Also I have Xema, Moca and TumaSMS Version 2 to do. So, […]

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A low-success-rate (but possible) idiot-targeted social engineering Mpesa Hack

Jan 29, 2011 7 Comments by

This is a PUBLIC INFORMATION post meant to be a warning to would-be fraud victims. The last time I used Mpesa and Hack in the same blog post, well, let is just say (as stacherians of 1998 would put it), ‘nilifixiwa na nikafyonzwa mpaka nikaona sunya’. A short history: Mpesa web interface works on IE […]

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The KenyaPolice Website hack – An Analysis

Jan 06, 2011 8 Comments

And so, last Friday after Salat Jumaa, Teddy and his kambasam groupie called me and invited me to with them to Naivasha, CrayFish. I was in the middle of code, but decided to take this as a good chance to take a break from Anastacia (My Ubuntu 10.10 Laptop) and first of all, I backed […]

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