These ideas are mine! I Invented them. Don’t copy them…

Jan 22, 2011 11 Comments by

Well, it is 4:35am and I am at iHub coding the final Java classes of ProjectX4 while some ┬áC++ guys debug a system to help the visually impaired use laptops more comfortably. Just like the hundreds of Kenyans I meet everyday inundating their blogs with copy-pasted content from all over the net (as if we […]

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Are we slowly being brain-siphoned from the West and the South?

Dec 10, 2010 No Comments by

I know. It happens to the best of us. Developers and inventors are always vulnerable. A good Kenyan Idea MINUS funding is just a Good Kenyan Idea, In the /codelab/completed_systems/ folder. On the flip-side, a good Kenyan Idea + Funding = A Great Kenyan idea. A great invention replicatable-to-any-market idea. Kenyans are the MOST peculiar […]

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Of genius Kenyans and the ‘yangu-ni-yangu’ curse

Apr 20, 2010 3 Comments by

Long time ago, when the word ‘gay‘ meant ‘to be happy’, I used to do ALL aspects of a system myself. From idea, conceptualization, wire-frames, testing, debugging, installing etc. This was mainly due to the misguided Idea that: No one around was good enough to do exactly what I wanted and I had to do […]

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