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Apr 03, 2011 8 Comments by

Yes. Yesterday I decided to leave Anastacia (My Laptop) alone for the night and go out. Meet humans. These needy humans. Capable of errors and annoyances. Vulnerable to spewing careless utterances. Inundated in various deficiencies. Yes. Go out and meet these humans. The risk-factor was ameliorated by the fact that Man Urinals had just won […]

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Happy Birthday iHub

Mar 12, 2011 7 Comments by

Well, what a night yesterday was! I met buggz and the 17 musketeers and it was a night during which my confidence capacity was ameliorated indeed. I met 3 groups of people. The first category was the ‘Salim Keep on what you are doing’ crew. This was a group of IT jamaas who are impressed […]

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And from today, I will work from the iHub

Oct 06, 2010 No Comments by

One of the worst enemies of a coder, especially one working from home, is lethargy. There is always the feeling that you are all alone and that nobody cares. So, to eschew this banal and excruciating miasma, I decided to pass by iHub yesterday. I knew, here, I would meet fellow coders and people who […]

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