4 lessons learnt from the DEMO event in Silicon Valley via MedAfrica

Sep 20, 2011 29 Comments by

Banx suggested that I stick to being a tech blogger and a gadgets reviewer for the next 3 months until watu watulie.¬†Moving on swiftly. Well, @smutinda and @mbuguanjihia represented Kenya in the just-concluded DEMO launchpad event – www.demo.com. I was privileged to get an exclusive on what happened and who won what and why. It […]

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The ‘ThirdWorld’ fallacy is only in YOUR mind

Sep 09, 2011 9 Comments by

God! I hate sleep. Sleep must be from from Satan. I look at my rolex and the time is right. It is 2011 in Kenya. 1981 in Uganda and 2013 in the US. Yes, biatch! We are catching up in a year or 2. Who in their right mind would want to sleep, while there […]

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Sad to be in a country full of pussy bloggers

Mar 02, 2011 15 Comments by

I remember the day I had a talk with Michael Joseph at iHub and expressed my views as to how Safaricom was shooting itself on the foot by locking out the Kenyan developers from USSD access and giving it to only some politically collect correct PRSPs. I pointed out to the utter cringe of those […]

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The inexplicable madness of the 999/98 #RedCalls

Sep 01, 2010 8 Comments

So, yesterday after coding from 9am to 10PM, I was just chilling and billing while waiting for the killing as I continue my money-machining. I decided to watch a comedy as a warm-down. I slotted Michael McIntyre Wembley DVD and as i laughed my glutes off,¬† I logged to on 2go as went to the […]

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