My Beef with Kenyan Chics (Some)

Mar 18, 2011 16 Comments by

Well, we live in a society where multiple personalities is the order (or disorder) of the day. Everyone is unique, special and here for a purpose; just like everyone else. But some few habits I have noticed are very annoying (degree varying in intent, situation and previous perception of the person). The following are my […]

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How to reboot a Windows XP Machine

Mar 04, 2011 5 Comments by

Well, a good day it is. Just chilling here with Anastacia (My Laptop) after our Monthly BAKE (Bloggers Association of KEnya) meeting. A hot meeting it was! Of course, top of the agenda was my last post about ball-less bloggers. The blogger I named after the gonadotrophic orifice that moistens. How could you, Salim? Huh!! […]

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Just the victims of the ‘Ameleenian Conondrum’

Nov 22, 2010 5 Comments by

After my blog post about Coders and Programmers, alot of comments ensued and one thing became clearer. Coders without a business mind/business person behind them, are no match to even people as lowly as mere programmers. As if we did not know that. The best coders in Kenya are broke or slaves. Broke because of […]

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FaceBook fast approaching the plateau phase in Kenya

Aug 18, 2010 15 Comments

It is sad. Honestly, really sad. I sat with Buju the other day and he asked me : “Salim. Wewe huwezi unda your own Facebook na venye code unaimesea?”. My response is the same respose I once gave DjCK, Okech and Sebi. “Put me in a position that I won’t have to worry about rent […]

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