The 5 types of people all CODERS should avoid

Dec 02, 2011 19 Comments by

In my life and times in the Kenyan TechScene (real, tech, not tekemangumi), I have met all kinds of people. All types of naysayers and arm-chair critics. All kinds of cooks and watchmen who think they can speak intelligently about computer network security just because they have 5-year experience in handling the server room Solex […]

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The means, the end and the justification

Jul 12, 2011 13 Comments by

I am sure you have all heard the saying: “The end justifies the means.”. Loosely deciphered, this means doing whatever it takes to get where you aspire to be. Changing what you can’t accept and even hurting a few people on the way, To get what you want. Chanelling positive energy. Forcing the universe to […]

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The conundrum of ‘Pioneers v/s Settlers’

Jun 19, 2011 7 Comments by

We are in the tech sector. Applications, models, methods. Every app takes time and resource. It is imperative one knows whether it will FAIL or SUCCEED. At least not 100% certain, but a little research will go a long way. It is saddening to develop something and have it not fulfilling the purpose. Many-a-times, I […]

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Ok, so you have an App; That don’t impress me much

May 30, 2011 43 Comments

It is a long, tedious and demanding procedure to create a product. An App. A problem solver. Your idea finally converted to bug-less code. It compiles and runs like a hawker from Kanjo. It connects to the server 99.5% of the times of asking and always purrs. People are talking about it. 2, 000 downloads […]

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