My Interesting half-day at Safaricom headquarters, Westlands

Jul 14, 2010 13 Comments by

So, Today at 9:54am, I checked in after a thorough security search for metals and other things like screw drivers, hacksaws and pangas etc; stuff that can be used to HACK servers. (Fck! As I blog here, I remembered just I LEFT MY ID THERE!) So we were welcomed with the usual ‘leteni IDs’ Kenyan […]

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Symbiotic to release Mpesa/Zap PayBill API to Kenya Developers in May – UPDATE**

Jun 07, 2010 9 Comments by

This post is meant to serve as an update for this post This project has been stalled a bit due to the tedious and unneccesary steps it take to get Mpesa access from Safaricom. We are ready to go on yuCash and ZAP, but still waiting on Mpesa. The Open and Free payment gateway will […]

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A very secure and workable solution for Google Checkout and Mpesa/Zap

Sep 18, 2009 7 Comments by

Well, we all know that Mpesa is widely used in Kenya, Tanzania and Afghanistan. Zap is available to the 22+ Zain One-Network Countries. We also know that Paypal hates Africa. Lastly, We know that Symbiotic Media Consortium has developed a working Payment Gateway that already links PayPal, Mpesa and Zap. Needless to say, there was […]

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