How to MAXIMIZE your SMS service profits by bypassing the Mobile Companies and PRSPs

Jun 18, 2010 11 Comments by

Recently, the revenue share model for SMS services running on short-codes was revised and, as always, it anti-enterprenural. As hot girls might tell you, I don’t like beating around their bushes and I always dive right to the meat of the moment and this being a weekend post, i will make it straight to the […]

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And then came the Real Safaricom

Mar 04, 2010 16 Comments by

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of being in the same room with some very influential development oriented people. Meeting was held at ICT board, hosted by PK. Invited were Symbiotic, MobileMonday, Safaricom, Top PRSPS and Developers in then Kenyan Mobile Arena It was a good meeting of minds and well worth the time and […]

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