The need for a LEGIT Kenyan Hackers’ Initiative

Jul 20, 2011 12 Comments by

Yes. We all fear to speak about it. At least those of us with no balls. [No offence to my female readers. You have 2 eyeballs.]. But without I have faced a lot of negative bile [double-double for effect] from Paranoid company execs and what we call puSysAdmins [HelloWorld-Solex-Sysadmins who believe in FingerPrint scanners and […]

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The consoling quiet before the big Kenyan bank hack bang!

Feb 24, 2010 6 Comments by

Tick… tock… Tick… tock… Goes my HackOmeter. “Have they been hit yet?”, I ask myself. I switch on the TV to see if a Kenyan Bank has yet been hit. “Not yet”, I conclude. “I see voluptuous women flaunting naked in the streets an on bill boards. Soon the rapists are coming.”, I tell my […]

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2010 – The year of the hack [Pt 1]

Jan 06, 2010 11 Comments by

In 2006 As hackers in Kenya, we have/are always been taken as fact-less doomsayers and merchants of fear about an IT apocalypse. I remember in 2006, From a 32Kbps line in my bedroom in Kampala, I Hacked into a top Nairobi Stock brokerage firm registered with the CMA/NSE and downloaded their Entire Database of Investing […]

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