How to MAXIMIZE your SMS service profits by bypassing the Mobile Companies and PRSPs

Jun 18, 2010 11 Comments by

Recently, the revenue share model for SMS services running on short-codes was revised and, as always, it anti-enterprenural. As hot girls might tell you, I don’t like beating around their bushes and I always dive right to the meat of the moment and this being a weekend post, i will make it straight to the […]

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The consoling quiet before the big Kenyan bank hack bang!

Feb 24, 2010 6 Comments by

Tick… tock… Tick… tock… Goes my HackOmeter. “Have they been hit yet?”, I ask myself. I switch on the TV to see if a Kenyan Bank has yet been hit. “Not yet”, I conclude. “I see voluptuous women flaunting naked in the streets an on bill boards. Soon the rapists are coming.”, I tell my […]

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A complete Idiot’s guide on Making Money in Kenya using Premium SMS

Nov 30, 2009 36 Comments by

Alot of times, I have been stopped on the streets [on my way to Laico for lunch] by many a coders with the same question. ‘Salim, I want to make money using SMS shortcodes and tun my own campaign ya kulipua mabilioni kama ile ya Safaricon. Nidosike kama Sebi na ninunue Kompressor sita za pink.’ […]

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