My Beef with Kenyan Chics (Some)

Mar 18, 2011 16 Comments by

Well, we live in a society where multiple personalities is the order (or disorder) of the day. Everyone is unique, special and here for a purpose; just like everyone else. But some few habits I have noticed are very annoying (degree varying in intent, situation and previous perception of the person). The following are my […]

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My Ugandan trip

Mar 17, 2011 4 Comments by

Well, Griffin always made us take 2 bitter Anti-Malarial tablets daily when we were to go to the Mombasa Camp for holidays. This was a ‘sickening’ experience, but coming from the highlands, it was necessary that we do this as the Coast (Lowland) Mosquitoes had a particular liking for people like us. The female anopheles […]

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My Beef with YouTube and NTV Uganda

Jun 28, 2010 19 Comments by

Yesterday was a VERY sad day for me, an ardent Youtube user. Well, as my confides might know, I was living in Uganda from 2004 to 2008. The I realized that unless I was selling matoke, there was no place for a coder like me there. I was always speaking Greek and talking of ‘advanced […]

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My Warid Uganda Experience

Dec 09, 2009 1 Comment

Even as we approach 2010, Mobile Service Providers are fighting the voice and SMS battle. This, ofcourse wins over some promiscuous customers who hold more than one line at a time, but in the long run, the primary sim card war is WON by the holistic provider. Sadly, In Uganda, there is NONE!

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