5 Reasons why Safaricom is driving people inZain

Sep 13, 2010 5 Comments by

Yes. We know. This is Kenya. Might is right and even if you can bite, you don’t stand a chance in a fight. It does not matter what you know and what you can do. What matters is who you know and who you can do. That is why we have a city full of […]

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Should Google pounce now, or wait a little longer?

Aug 03, 2010 8 Comments by

The fibre is here. Actually it was here, the NO-fibre camp cut it, it was restored by the YES-fibre team etc… etc… And the beat goes on. I was adviced not to blog today and I am pissed off by some idiotic fellas I had an unfortunate fate of entering into a business deal with […]

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