Ohh Happy day, Ohhh API day!!

Jul 20, 2010 19 Comments by

Great day today for Kenyan coders. Ok, let us say, EastAfrican Community coders, for political correctness. I don’t even know how to break this news, so I will just do it my plain no-beating-around-her-bushes method. No, the Octopus has not predicted that Safaricom, MTN and Zain will start supporting local innovations. No. The octopus would […]

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Symbiotic to release Mpesa/Zap PayBill API to Kenya Developers in May

Mar 27, 2010 45 Comments by

Code-Named Gandalf Symbiotic Developer Labs will soon chip in its 2 bytes in the coding social social responsibility. Safaricom/Zain has NOT released or shown any signs of being in willingness or position to release any developer tools to enable the 17 real coding geniuses in Kenya, the thousand of wannabes and the tens of thousands […]

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A very secure and workable solution for Google Checkout and Mpesa/Zap

Sep 18, 2009 7 Comments by

Well, we all know that Mpesa is widely used in Kenya, Tanzania and Afghanistan. Zap is available to the 22+ Zain One-Network Countries. We also know that Paypal hates Africa. Lastly, We know that Symbiotic Media Consortium has developed a working Payment Gateway that already links PayPal, Mpesa and Zap. Needless to say, there was […]

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